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BIB forte-5 L

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BIB forte

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BIB forte is a highly effective concentrated liquid for cleaning and disinfecting rotary instruments like diomond drills, tungsten carbide insruments, tooth crown cutters, root canal instruments, surgical instruments, rubber polishers, etc. and hand insruments, such as forceps, probes, dental mirrors, cutters, etc. only 5% solution of BIB forte is sufficient to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses (including HBV&HIV) in just 5-60 minutes. With ultrasonic device use 10% solution of BIB forte, Action time is 5 minutes only. It contains a special blend of active substances and surfactants that are not corrosive to all materials for disinfection. Tested according to HBsAG procedure and DGHM directives. Conforms to CE 0123 marking according to MDD 93/42 EEC (European Medical Device Directive.

Free of Aldehydes & Phenols.
Pleasant fresh smell.
Non corrosive.
Biodegradable according to the classification by the OECD ( Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Alkylamine, Trialkyl (polyoxyethyl) ammoniumpropionate, Emulsifying agent, Surfactant, Auxiliray agents.

5% without Ultasonic device (5-60 minutes)
10% with Ultrasonic device (5 minutes)
Remove cap of dosage section. Fill it with the appropriate amount to reach the desired concentration by pressing bottle slightly. Dilute this volume using water to reach the desired volume of working solution according to the dillution table. Immerse instruments in the solution according the immersing time table. After disinfecting rinse intruments under running water and dry with air jet or cellulose cloth. In case of stubborn dirt brush it off and repeat the process.

Alkylamine, Trialkyl (polyoxyethyl) ammoniumpropionate, Emulsifying agent, Surfactant, Auxiliray agents.

• Prof. Dr. H.P. Werner, Hygcen Schwerin, DGHM method, Dec. 1998/Feb1999.
• Prof. Dr. R. Schubert, University of Frankfurt, DGHM Method, Dec. 1998.
• Prof. Dr. Frosner, University of Munich, HBsAg Method, Nov. 1998.
• Examination of material compatibility with endoscopes, Canton Hospital, Bern , Switzerland.

NO more than 5 Cartoon.Placed Carefully

Additional information

Item code MBSS-5961356654
Manufacturer Arabian Product Factory For Medical and Disinfectant
Manufacturer Country Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
MDMA LR-201912-C-2722-SFSA-10847
Weight 5274 G