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Alprosept-500 ml

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Alprosept is a potent alcoholic solution for hand disinfection. And also, for skin disinfection before carrying out injections, vaccination and blood sample collection. The products contain active substance that prevent the proliferation of cutaneous bacteria that may cause skin infection. It is gentle to the skin because it is pH balanced. Alprosept is bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, fungicidal and virucidal (including HBV, HIV).

100 mL. contains:

• 74% v/v (Isopropyl alcohol, Ethanol)
• Didecylethylpoly (oxethyl) ammoniumpropionate , glycerol,
tetradecanol, Fragrance.


• Free of aldehydes & phenols.
• Gentle to the skin, with long lasting effect.
• Microbiocidal effectiveness tested according to BGA (in-vitro tests).

For hand disinfection:
Rub on hands 3 mL. of Alprosept. As protection against TB, apply 2 times. Use sterile brush for the nails.
For skin disinfection:
Rub Alprosept directly on the skin for disinfection.

Dr. H. Brill, Hamburg. MRSA 2009-07, EN1500, 2009-04.
Dr. J. Hoffer, Hamburg, EN1040 +EN1275, 2009-04.
IRM, Frankreich, AFNOR NF T 72-170, 2009-04.
Dr. J. Steinmann, Bremen, Adeno, 2009-04.


The maximum number of six Cartoon on top of each other and placed carefully

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Item code MBSS-1157168724
Manufacturer Arabian Product For Medical and Dental Disinfectant
Manufacturer Country Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
MDMA 2021-011013102831-278138
Package 127
Weight 494 G